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This business phone system helps to channelize communication in a company. Apr 09, 2012 this provides the basic setup and operation of zultys 7. Excel communications combined with zultys have successfully deployed zultys mx 25030 voip communications systems throughout the virginia, maryland and d. Home products unified communications mxie software. How to use your zultys mxie business phone software. You will find price lists, powerpoint presentations and many other materials to make your job easier. Pricingcost comparison the real cost of voip software includes the software license, subscription fees, software training cost, customization cost, required hardware, and the cost of maintenance. With the help of capterra, learn about mxie, its features, pricing information.

The zultys family of advanced open standards sipbased ip phone systems offer businesses of all sizes a featurerich, energyefficient path to ip telephony and unified communications. Zultys mx series offers the mxie client for end users that integrates presence, email, softphone calling, call control, faxing and video calling in a single application. Originally founded in 2001, zultys was a pioneer in voice over ip technology, being one of the first companies to deliver a truly sipbased pbx to the market. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, have a single location or 100 branch offices, we have the system and the experience to help you communicate better.

Zultys, a premier provider of innovative unified communications solutions that empower businesses to collaborate effectively, today announces mx release 6. This pc program was developed to work on windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 and is compatible with 32bit systems. Zultys works with companies to deliver both premisesbased and cloudbased deployment solutions. Zultys integrates voice, instant messaging, email, video, web conferencing and office phones, smart phones, tablets and computers to work seamlessly on. The two systems are ideal for various business sizes including small business, medium and large business. Users gain access to the system from traditional handsets, mobile phones, desktop clients, softphones and instant messaging. A decade ago, business communications meant office telephones. Zultys permits 6 devices to be bound to one user, and this allowed me to use the softphone on my laptop and the mxie client on my desktop in addition to the desktop phone.

Zultys excel communications unified communications. Mx series advanced allinone ip phone system solutions for all your business needs manage your phone system your way. It is one of those products that become an integral part of your daily work. The 5 most important steps to a successful mxie deployment during the installation of your new zultys phone system include the following steps. Zultys is an awardwinning company that helps thousands of companies meet their customers needs every day, from small companies to international organizations. If you are looking for software downloads or technical information, please navigate to zultys knowledgebase system zkbs at please note zkbs and zrc require separate registration and login. Zultys salesforce communicator companies that have zultys cloud services and use as their customer relationship management crm system can integrate the two systems using zultys salesforce communicator. Users can download the upgrade from zultys resource center free of charge for systems covered by a current extended warranty or software subscription, the company said. Whether you receive voice service from legacy telephony providers or from internet telephony service providers itsps, zultys delivers full phone system functionality. With a single click, zultys mxie users may seamlessly move from instant messaging to voice, and add video for a complete unified communications experience.

Mxconference is a private audio bridge feature that eliminates the need for costly payasyou go subscriptionbased conference services, and requires no additional hardware. Zultys, founded in 2001, is one of the first companies to offer a true sipbased pbx solution for businesses. Mx release 7 built on the previous releases reputation as a secure, allinone sipbased ip phone system that delivers unmatched innovation, reliability and scalability, mx release 7. The company invested heavily in research and development in order to deliver one of the most reliable, cuttingedge ip pbx solutions for smbs. This increases your ability to multitask and handle overflow and priority calls. You can launch a multiparty webconference with the touch of a button from your pc, mac or even from your smartphone. Zultys hosted solutions are built upon over a decade of delivering powerful enterpriseclass communications capabilities to small, medium and large organizations throughout the world. Mxie is the software interface by which system users can access mx services and resources.

Zultys mobile also enables least cost routing to help companies reduce their phone bill costs. This provides the basic setup and operation of zultys 7. By adding mxconference to your companys existing mx system licenses you can make as many conference calls as you need and focus on meeting your customers need instead of worrying about compromising your company. Executives are realizing that just as its important to be innovative in the products and services they offer to clients, investment in innovating their communications network is necessary. Whether your company has few agents in a support group or. Windows computer, mxie software, zultys flex communicator, existing lyncskype for business account not provided by zultys. The customizable reporting features make it easy to identify calls with specific customers and accounts and to comply with unique legal and regulatory requirements. The 5 most important steps to a successful mxie deployment. Mxconnect lets you designate any phone as your business phone a sip phone, an analog phone, or even a mobile phone or home office phone, and twinning lets you easily switch between one phone and the other. To send an outgoing fax, users print to the mxie fax printer from any available application. If you are an authorized reseller and looking for sales and marketing. This video shows the integration between zultys mxie and lyncskype for business unified communications clients.

From small businesses to multinational corporations, zultys solutions are helping thousands of companies meet their customers needs every day. Financial services companies, comprised of banking, asset management and venture capital, are coming full circle about next generation solutions. Contact center features, such as an outbound dialer, are also provided within the solution. Data solutions seimitsu business technology solutions. I have worked with zultys since 2004 as a reseller, and have worked with many different phone systems as a var and isv over the last 15 years. Your communication system is hosted in zultys stateoftheart data centers that are fully redundant and supervised around the clock. I can say without hesitation, zultys has an incredible product chockfull of useful, enterpriselevel features that companies of virtually any size would be happy to own. It lets you see the presence status of others in your company, send emails, control all your phone calls via desktop phones or a softphone.

There are two 10100baset ports available on the mx main board, accessible on the rear panel of. Mxmeeting mxmeeting is a webconferencing platform that fully integrates with the zultys mxie unified client application. Financial services zultys business phone solutions. Once agents have logged into mxie they can become active in the icc groups that. I have never seen such a powerful backup done in that time. Zultys mission is to deliver leadingedge, comprehensive unified communication solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and costeffective. Welcome to the zrc zultys reseller center the central portal for authorized resellers only. This is intended for new users of the software as a quick overview of basic functions and features. This center contains sales and marketing materials to assist zultys reseller partners with the sales process. Synchronize presence status between the two in both directions. Learn how to perform common tasks and troubleshoot issues in this helpful guide. When we switched over to the zultys ip pbx failover system, all of the zultys phones and mxie s were working immediately through the mx at the data center.

Mxie lies within communication tools, more precisely instant messaging. Mxreport gives companies with special call accounting and call handling needs the ability to more finely control and account for their call activities. Zultys mxie is a great way to manage your business communications. Mxie software true unified communications through one software interface. I knew the theory, however seeing 100 phones connecting in seconds to the data center pbx, was literally crazy. Make calls via the zultys phone system from the lyncskype for business application.

To register for zrc access, you will need to provide your corporate email address. Zultys technologies was founded in 2001 by iain milnes. Switchvox software is a product of digium company while zultys mx system is a product of zultys company. After several years of daily use, we have never had a glitch or a crash. List of best mxie software alternatives and competitors. Zultys products include ip phone switches, a wide variety of ip business telephones, web and audio conference solutions, contact center systems and unified communications solutions through a global network of zultys certified partners. Mxie delivers the fax file to the mx and updates the sender on the outcome of the transmission.

Zultys mx series of ip phone systems seamlessly scale up to meet a companys growing communications needs, often without ever requiring any additional hardware. It communications zultys mxie ideacom it solutions for. Zultys is a manufacturer of voiceoverip communications systems for organizations with 1010,000 users. Zultys mobile communicator app extends the awardwinning mxie unified communications desktop client to the mobile device, and gives employees on the go access to their corporate office to connect them as if they were in the office. You can expand to meet your needs by upgrading user licenses up to the service capacity of an ip phone system, or you can deploy additional mx systems. Mxconference is fully integrated with the mxiedesktop unified communications client, and uses a simple management window to schedule, manage and launch audio conferences through basic pointandclick commands whether they are on demand or planned weeks in advance.

The zultys knowledge base system provides our resellers and end users access to software, technical documentation, application notes, knowledge base articles, and other resources that will assist in better understanding zultys products and services on a technical level. Zultys mobile integrates mobile workers into the corporate voice and unified communication ip phone system, providing critical functionality such as realtime presence, realtime im and secure chat. Zultys mobile communicator for android is a realtime unified communications mobility solution that provides mobile employees realtime access to their corporate zultys unified communication system. Zultys mxvideo provides affordable highdefinition desktop video calling that is fully integrated across a companys zultys unified communications solution.

Visual voicemail, call coding, webbased conference calls and voicecall recording licenses are also available. Being able to deploy either a cloud solution, premise solution or a hybrid is. Zultys products include ip phone switches pbxs, a wide variety of ip business telephones, web and. Mxie controls all your calling functions and lets you call and be contacted at any phone you want through the mxconnect feature. Both switchvox and zultys mx system are deployable as hybrid, onpremise or as cloudbased. Mxie software true unified communications through one software interface the intuitive, mxie media exchange interface for end users is a desktop client application that integrates and manages all of your communications functions.

Zultys integrates voice, instant messaging, email, video, web conferencing and office phones, smart phones, tablets and computers to work seamlessly on a powerful unified communications platform. Mxie supports a range of operator groups and multiple levels of agent roles, and lets you log into multiple roles simultaneously. This software was originally produced by zultys technologies. Its corporate headquarters is in sunnyvale, california. No reproduction of distribution without permission. Zultys cloud services is a fullyhosted turnkey unified communications as a service ucaas solution. Mxie is fully integrated with ms outlook, as well as your company directory and mxmeeting webconferencing. Zultys is a premier provider of ucaas, saas, hosted business phone services and premise based communications systems.

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