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William dalrymples top 10 books on afghanistan travel. In afghanistan, in 2009, pmcs were the largest military force,000 personnel, outnumbering both the afghan national army 100,000 personnel and the us national forces 64,000 personnel. Download the spreadsheet for the full dataset, including a breakdown of the roles. The united states and private military companies army university. This means that the war is already being outsourced, yet scholars, the media.

Afghanistan traces the historic struggles and the changing nature of political authority in this volatile region of the world, from the mughal empire in the sixteenth century to the taliban resurgence today. Yes, i think we can, and i think there are a number of clear examples. Employs unprecedented number of security contractors. Numerous pmcs are in operation in iraq, while in afghanistan, one pmc. Private military and security companies and states.

Hundreds of american citizens employed by private military contractors, or pmcs, would lose their lives helping our government wage wars in afghanistan and iraq, only to have their memory tarnished by the unfair andor ignorant depiction of pmcs as profiteers, jackbooted thugs, or worse. Many of the larger private military companies also hire local subs or subcontractors. Private military company wikimili, the best wikipedia reader. They fight for money and plunder rather than liberty, god. Citing the reports, david francis of the fiscal times points out that there are now 108,000 private contractors in afghanistan over 30,000 of whom are americans, far more than the 65,700 u. K, india, and bulgaria, the number of psc contractors is much greater than the number of employees in the respective state security agencies. Such conflict zones as afghanistan and iraq have for a long time been a sort of a playing field for a handful of western pmcs. This article adds to the literature on the subject by arguing that the elusiveness. State department, which will allow it to print and distribute nearly 2. Some examples include close protection for the afghan president hamid karzai and.

Russias private military forces global researchglobal. Afghanistan, the press, pmcs, and the future of warfare. As erik prince, its founder and former ceo, writes. Since the start of combat operations in afghanistan and iraq, the united states and other nations have begun to use private military companies pmcs to supplement or augment their forces. The implications of rising numbers and increasing prominence of such internal. Blackwater could be a worse problem than you think the best way to protect your forces in a war is to the win. Discover the best afghan war military history in best sellers. Indeed, pmcs are likely to step outside their contractual obligations and commit criminal acts.

Loadout room the draw down and the cutbacks of the military have actually increased the need for armed security in both iraq and afghanistan remember, there are a number of nonmilitary projects that are being done in country and have no military value, such as construction of civilianuse airfields, roads, power and water treatment, just to name a few. Government the ability to incorporate pmcs as a deliberate tool of foreign policy. The graphic below compares the number of us troops and defense. Kbr is a leading government contractor in iraq and afghanistan, earn. The demographics of americas private military contractors. The public is slowly recognizing the wars hidden costs and global scale in 2016, one in four united states armed personnel in iraq and afghanistan was a private contractor. As a member of the nato hq staff you can borrow books type. Private contractors are often used when politicians are trying to reduce official troop numbers to appease public opinion while still having to maintain a similar scope of operations. The firm has foreign offices in iraq, kenya, nepal, afghanistan, bahrain and the usa. To pmcs, the wars in iraq and afghanistan have been a pot of gold. Growth and implications of private military corporations manohar. Afghanistan, the press, pmcs, and the future of warfare the following are excerpts from a moyers interview with jeremy scahill author of blackwater. The last time the number of private security contractors exceeded 5,000 was in april 2014 during the height of the obama administrations effort to withdraw all u.

I was first in afghanistan in 2002 and i saw how the capital kabul, along with the entire country, lay in ruins. The number of pmcs increased by over 1,000 20% in the last three months. The company is involved with ngo, aerospace, and government and diplomatic sectors, as well as oil, gas and mining industries. Books for afghanistan keeps culture an open book sfgate. According to those officials who hire private companies to wage wars in their name, contractors perform a handful of tasks on the ground more efficiently and, which is even more important, way cheaper than regular army. It is common to write phone numbers as 0xx yyyyyyy, where xx is the area code. The united states of america along with many other western and nonwestern nations, has made ample use of this private military resource to enhance its military endeavours and promote u. States in contingency operations in iraq and afghanistan. Elsewhere in the world, pmcs such as the executive outcomes and erik princes original blackwater, which began as corporate security outfits, have evolved into defacto extensions of national military power, occupying the niche between covert action and the deployment of regular special operations and elite forces. The 0 prefix is for longdistance dialing from within the country.

This thesis examines the utilization of private military companies pmcs by government agencies of the united. The number of military contractors in afghanistan rose to almost 74,000 in late june, even though the warzone civilians proved controversial in iraq. The following is a list of notable private military contractors and companies. Although the troop levels are low compared to the 45,000 deployed at the start of 2014, the number of uniformed service members in afghanistan is only part of the u. Hot off the press recent titles and memoirs, as well as essential reading, earlier bibliography, classics, and our top 10 covering the evolution of pmcspscs and the privatization of security. An eyeopening look at the sudden rise of private armies. Vagner represents russias most ambitious experiment with the pmc concept. Russian private military companies in syria and beyond. Pmcs offering military services in highrisk environments have flourished in recent years, particularly since the onset of the wars in afghanistan 2001 and iraq 2003. Many of the clandestine operations that these firms execute are unpopular with the us public tired of a constant state of global war.

Private military companies carry out many different missions and jobs. This is how many private contractors and us troops are in. The debate on privatizing the war in afghanistan is heating up yet again, with democratic lawmakers pledging to end socalled forever wars. Contract soldiers go by many names, but they all have one thing in common. Number of troops in afghanistan a knowledge archive. Since the pmcs are so much more active in this area, and covering a larger part of it through it activities on board of trading ships, this seems to be a very low estimate. Edited by joakim berndtsson and christopher kinsey.

According to punch 1998, 35, there is a hierarchy of concepts when. By christopher spearin, palgrave macmillan, august 3, 2017. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers. The routledge research companion to security outsourcing routledge handbooks. The instability of postwar iraq has turned private military services into a booming cottage industry. During the wars in iraq and afghanistan, that proportion leapt to 50 percent.

Private security companies constitute a state within a state april, 2012 this article examines the role of private security companies in pakistan, a nucleararmed nation trying to secure its regional position against india and afghanistan. In november 2009, us president barack obama announced the addition of some 30,000 troops to the more or less 68,000 us troops deployed in afghanistan at the that time. By the end of 2012, the number of contractors who had died in iraq, afghanistan and kuwait had reached 3,000. Outsourcing, managing, supervising, and regulating.

In 2008, the status of pmcs was clarified in the socalled montreux document that was signed by a total of 17 countries. The 7 best books on afghanistan pratiek sparsh samantara surveys some of the best contemporary literary fiction and nonfiction to come out of afghanistan, from both afghan and international authors, and looks at how these books interpret the culture, society and history of this unsettled landscape. There are many regulations and laws that keep militaries accountable at both. The future of private military companies in africa penn law. Pdf the role of private military companies in a counter. Thomas barfield introduces readers to the bewildering diversity of tribal and ethnic groups in afghanistan, explaining what unites them as afghans despite the regional, cultural, and. Best nonfiction war books, around the world one book from each country, best iraq and afghanistan war books, best books on special forces m. A study on contracting to private military and security companies by the centre for european studies concluded, the psc sector has become so important that in states as different as the u. The role of pmcs private military companies in counter. The coalition authorities have awarded private companies contracts to provide a plethora of. Although these two pmcs are now defunct, the use of pmcs in armed conflict shows few signs of diminishing in places such as afghanistan or iraq.

The role of pmcs private military companies in counterinsurgency combat in afghanistan 2001 to 2010 aims to identify the primary combat roles which pmcs played while in support of u. Moyers is probably not wildly popular around these parts, and his interview with a democracy now. This article needs additional citations for verification. Us contractors in afghanistan and iraq news the guardian. In afghanistan, for instance, coalition forces have been paying off strongmen. A full list of csi press publications, many of them available for downloading, can be found at. While the united states and its allies have been withdrawing their forces, pmcs rush in. This, in particular, confirms the involvement of american pmcs in the torture of representatives of the saudi elites and the ongoing usmade arms deliveries to the middle east, ukraine, afghanistan. The growth of private military contractors pmcs raises ethical questions surrounding the commercialization of war. The number of contractors in a specified area of operations is increasing.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Australian defence force, private military contractors, afghanistan, operation slipper. Number of private military contractors in afghanistan. How private security contracting became private military. It also had a hand in the establishment of the british association of private security companies. Mexico had the secondhighest number of murders last year among countries considered in armed conflict, more than iraq and afghanistan, according to. Despite a considerable uplift in the number of such companies. Sometimes thought of as the invisible army, private military and security companies pmscs are part of a global, multibillion dollar industry.

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